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Boston Bathtub Boys has proven its name to be the leading company in bathroom repair services throughout the greater Boston region. We are a duly certified and full-service company with a friendly, reliable, and expert workforce.

Apart from being a top local company offering bathtub refinishing Boston MA, we also offer similar services such as sink, shower and countertop refinishing and tile reglazing.

Thanks to our trusted services, you no longer have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in major construction overhauls to give your bathroom its long-overdue makeover. To top it off, you contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

Forget bathtub, sink, and tile replacement when you can have it resurfaced and reglazed at an affordable cost here at Boston Bathtub Boys. You can enjoy the luxurious bathtub you have always wanted without spending for something new!

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Listed below are the services our company offers:

Bathtub Resurfacing

Bathtub refinishing is our specialty. For several years in service, we have perfected our art in bathroom tub restoration. Bathtub resurfacing comprises tub repair, resurfacing, and reglazing. It includes fixing blemishes and restoring multiple layers of the bathroom tub, in addition to glazing its top layer.

bathtub refinishing
Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub reglazing is the final step in bathroom tub refinishing. We use the term reglazing interchangeably with refinishing because we do not only reglaze the surface of your tub, but we also do necessary repairs and resurfacing. We do the entire project to restore the tub properly and get the job done right the first time for our customers to see a lasting result.

Bathtub Repair

Bathtub repair encompasses not only refinishing the layers and reglazing, but also fixing scratches, chips, and other imperfections on the bathroom tub and its surrounding fixtures to make it look brand new. Bathtub repair is a very affordable option compared to replacing the entire bathtub when you count in the cost of the removal of the old one and the price of a new tub and its installation.

Bathtub Repair
Shower Refinishing

Shower Refinishing

Our shower refinishing service repairs, refinishes, and reglazes different material types and shower types to make it look good as new. Refinishing your shower will not only help save more money, but it can make your bathroom shower more durable and resistant to general wear and tear, and it can increase the overall value of your home.

Sink Refinishing

Sink refinishing is ideal for your bathroom and kitchen sinks that need repair, resurfacing and reglazing. We provide service for different sink materials and different sink types.

With Boston Bathtub Boys, your old porcelain or cast-iron sink will be in pristine condition like it is brand new.

Sink Refinishing
Tile Reglazing

Tile Reglazing

With our tile reglazing and refinishing services, your shower or wall tile will look spick-and-span. It can even be in a new color if you prefer. Our tile reglazing service includes repair, resurfacing, and reglazing of your shower tile, backsplash, wall tile, and even floor tile! Typically, we work with ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Countertop Refinishing

Countertop refinishing service is for bathroom and kitchen countertops that need a makeover to either enhance its aesthetic value or prolong its overall functional life. The service includes not only resurfacing and reglazing but also repairs of any chips and cracks on your countertop. Why settle with the high cost and messy demolition process of countertop replacement when you can avail of our countertop resurfacing service at an affordable rate?

Countertop Refinishing
Bathtub repair services

Commercial Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Services

We do not only provide our services for homes; we also cater to hospitality, commercial, retail and recreation properties.

The main benefit of using our bathtub and tile refinishing services for your establishment is cost-saving with lasting results to keep bathrooms looking fresh and attractive to your guests.

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