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As a property rental owner, you want to keep your bathrooms looking fresh and attractive to potential and current renters. Bathrooms in apartment complexes, senior living facilities, and home rental units get used multiple times throughout the day, which means the tubs, showers, and tiles need maintenance over time.

Take a look at your bathroom tub and tile. Does it look faded? Is it chipped or cracked? Is it hard to clean? If your property’s bathroom fixtures have minor surface damages, imperfections, or the color has faded, bathtub refinishing may be the solution you’re looking for. Not only is apartment bathtub restoration affordable, it’s much quicker than replacement and requires no demolition.

At Boston Bathtub Refinishing Experts we handle bathtub refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing, as well as fixing chips, scratches, and other imperfections in sinks, showers, tiles, countertops, and more.

We can restore bathtubs, sinks, countertops, shower surround liners, and tile, and we work with a variety of tub and tile types and materials, including:

  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Acrylic
  • Cast Iron
  • Ceramic

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Apartment Tub Reglazing

Bathroom tub reglazing is ideal for bathtubs that need a little extra work. Through the reglazing process we repair surface damage and refinish the tub’s layers before reglazing and adding a new coat of paint. The result is a smooth, sparkling bathtub that’s as good as new and lasts just as long. We are happy to reglaze tubs, showers, and tile in any rental property.

apartment bathtub refinishing boston
apartment shower refinishing boston

Rental Property Shower Refinishing

Let us bring your rental property shower back to life in no time with our high-quality shower refinishing methods. Over time, showers and tubs become worn, dull, chipped, and cracked, and may be hard to clean. By resurfacing tubs and showers, we can restore the beauty and shine to your existing bathroom fixture at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Apartment Complex Sink Restoration

Whatever rental property you own or manage, we can help you restore bathroom and kitchen sinks with our professional sink refinishing process. Sinks are heavily used, so it’s no surprise they receive dents, scratches, and stains with age. Sink resurfacing allows us to peel back the signs of aging, so to speak, and renew the look and feel of these frequented bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

apartment complex bathtub refinishing boston
apartment tile reglazing boston

Rental Home Bathroom Tile Reglazing

Tiles can play a big part in the design of a space, and renters often look at how the tile brings the look of a room together. Make sure your bathroom and countertop tile isn’t cracked and has a fresh, modern look. We can reglaze tile in your tub and shower, on a backsplash, floor, or countertop. This includes fixing imperfections and color replacement.

Apartment Countertop Resurfacing

Why replace your counters when you can refinish them? Refinishing bathroom and kitchen countertops in your rental unit is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to go. We can restore your aged and damaged counters in half the time replacing them would take and without demolition.

apartment countertop refinishing boston

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Bathtub Refinishing Boston
Bathtub Refinishing Boston

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