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Chelsea, MA may be relatively small, but it’s many neighborhoods make it a unique and beautiful place to live and do business. As your bathtub refinishing company, we are honored to help home and business owners in the area with their bathroom restoration needs.

With an industrial history, Chelsea, Massachusetts is a treasure trove of historic buildings, charming old shops, and architectural delights. But it’s also an up-and-coming town where classic commercial spaces meet modern marvels. From the Mystic Brewery and the New Bridge Cafe to the wildly popular Market Basket, Chelsea has something for everyone.

Whether you call Chelsea home or you own business property in the area, if you need the best bathtub refinishing services look no further than Boston Bathtub Boys Refinishing Services.

Tub Refinishing Services in Chelsea, MA

Bathtub Refinishing

We use the tub refinishing process on porcelain, enamel, cast iron, fiberglass, and ceramic bathtubs. Your current bathtub will look like new again.

Bathtub Reglazing

Tub reglazing repairs surface damage on your bathtub’s top layer. We also repaint bathtubs to give them that fresh, glossy look. Choose from a variety of color options to match your bathroom style.

Bathtub Restoration & Repair

Our bathtub repair services include tub chip repair, bathtub restoration, bath enamel repair, porcelain bathtub repair, and much more.

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tile reglazing chelsea ma

Tile Resurfacing

Reglazing bathroom tile is a great way to transform the look of your ceramic tiles. We can fix everything from tub and shower tile to floor and countertop tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

tile reglazing chelsea ma
shower refinishing chelsea ma

Shower Reglaze

Our professional shower refinishing Chelsea includes the shower reglaze process and transforms the look and feel of your existing shower tub. We handle fiberglass refinishing projects and can renew most common shower materials.

sink resurfacing chelsea ma

Sink Refinishing & Repair

We refinish porcelain sinks and restore the color and shine of your fixture through sink refinishing and reglazing. This works on cast iron sinks, and most common sink materials.

sink resurfacing chelsea ma
countertop refinishing chelsea ma

Countertop Refinishing

Countertop resurfacing Chelsea, MA renews the look of your countertops. Kitchen and bathroom counters get cleaned, fixed, and painted. We have many colors and textures to choose from, including natural stone-inspired designs.

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