Bathtub Refinishing Peabody, MA

We love being a part of the Essex County community and helping residents of Peabody, MA with their bathroom restoration projects. This quaint town just outside of Boston is home to several points of interest, including the Parker National Wildlife Refuge and the House of Seven Gables.

A stroll through town will also lead you to world-class museums, theaters, and historical sites. And thanks to the natural wonders Peabody, Massachusetts provides, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, including whale watching, deep sea fishing, and river cruises.

We aren’t just limited to bathtub refinishing in Boston. If you own a home or community property in Peabody and your bathroom fixtures could use some sprucing up, we are happy to help! This is fully within our service area and we assist customers in Peabody regularly.

Bathroom Refinishing Peabody, MA

Bathtub Refinishing

If your current bathtub only has minor surface damage and cosmetic issues, it doesn’t need to be completely replaced. Professional tub refinishing can take care of dirt, grime, cracks, and old paint and leave you with a bathtub that’s like brand new.

Bathtub Resurfacing & Reglaze

You don’t have to buy a new tub or repaint a bathtub yourself to achieve a professional look for less. Peabody, MA bathtub reglazing is quick, affordable, and restores the look of your current bathroom fixture without any hassle of replacement or DIY issues.

Bathtub Repair & Restoration

Peabody tub repair covers the 01960 and 01961 areas. Call on us for bathtub crack repair, tub chip repair, tub restoration, and bathtub refinishing on ceramic, fiberglass, porcelain, plastic, and cast iron tubs.

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tile reglazing peabody ma

Tile Resurfacing

Tile resurfacing, also known as tile reglazing, is an affordable way to give your bathroom and kitchen tile a high quality look. Bathroom tile resurfacing cleans the tile, fixes cracks and chips, and repaints tile in the colors of your choice.

tile reglazing peabody ma
shower refinishing peabody ma

Shower Reglaze

Reviving your old shower is fast and easy with our shower refinishing Peabody services. We can transform everything from porcelain to fiberglass showers without the need for heavy demolition. The shower resurfacing process cleans grime, fixes top layer damage, and gives your shower tub a brand new sparkle.

sink refinishing peabody ma

Sink Refinishing & Repair

Tub and sink refinishing restores the look of your sink by fixing surface damage, smoothing out the rough layers, and bringing back the glossy shine with a new coat of paint in your color choice. This process works on most common sink materials.

sink refinishing peabody ma
countertop refinishing peabody ma

Countertop Resurfacing

Countertop refinishing in Peabody, MA restores your bathroom and kitchen countertops. We can resurface tile countertops, refinish kitchen countertops, and bring the beauty back to your bathroom when we resurface laminate countertops.

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