Formica Countertop Refinishing in Boston, MA

Believe it or not, that old Formica countertop can be restored! If you’re looking to update the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom without stressful, expensive remodeling, Formica resurfacing is a quick, affordable option.

The beauty of resurfacing Formica countertops is that you can update the color and style of your counters, without the high cost or messy demolition of total replacement. And, what’s more, you can have your kitchen or bath back in use within a couple days!

What Is Formica Resurfacing?

Many homeowners and property owners might mistakenly believe that the only way to update old Formica countertops is to replace them. But that would be an expensive oversight!

The fact is, countertop refinishing companies like ours have the equipment, skill and materials to give your existing Formica counters a total makeover - without demolition, without replacement, without new installation.

What we do is apply commercial-grade acrylic coatings on top of the existing Formica to rebuild the surface, change the color and even update the style to a look more consistent with a modern bathroom or kitchen decor, such as a quartz-like finish.

What Is the Process of Resurfacing Formica Countertops?

Clean & Prep: Naturally, before we refinish your Formica countertops, we first need to clear away the dust, dirt and grime on the surface. Without proper polishing, debris will be caught up into the acrylic coatings permanently. This is an essential first step.

Prime: Although Formica resurfacing involves completely different products than painting your walls, they both have one step in common: priming. In order for the Formica material to be able to hold a new coating, it must be properly primed. Once primer is applied, we can start the refinishing process.

Base Coat & Texturize: Finally the countertops are ready to be reglazed. We use high quality, commercial-grade acrylic coatings with a special hardener that essentially creates a durable layer over the existing counter. We start first with the base coat in the color you chose. We finish it off with texturizing in the style and finish of your preference.

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