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Are your bathroom countertops starting to look outdated? Wish you knew of a way to update that aging bathroom without the high cost, hassle and mess of complete renovation?

Well, bathroom countertop refinishing may be the exact solution you’ve been hoping for! With this service, you can keep your existing bathroom vanity in place - that’s right, no removal or installation of a new vanity - yet still have the countertops look new!

It’s a great option if your vanity and counters are in pretty good shape, but are simply out of style. We can professionally resurface laminate countertops, refinish Corion or Formica tops and even reglaze tile bathroom counters. If you’re considering painting the cabinets and doors, but need a quality makeover for the countertops, this is the way to go.

Should I Resurface My Bathroom Countertops?

Brand new quality bathroom vanities can cost thousands, even before the cost of delivery and installation. When you add onto that the hassle of removing the old vanity and paying for a dumpster rental to properly dispose of it, replacing the bathroom vanity starts to become a big, expensive project.

However, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, you can resurface your bathroom countertops in a completely new color and finish. The process is usually done the same day so you can use your bathroom in 1-2 days, depending on drying time needed.

If what you’re looking for is the most affordable, fastest solution to new-looking bathroom countertops, then a great option is to refinish your bathroom countertop.

What Is Involved in Bathroom Countertop Refinishing?

Before we can get to the real work in the project, we first need to thoroughly clean the countertop surface to move dust and debris. This will create a smooth area for the coating application.

Next, we need to prime the surface which will help it bond to the acrylic coatings.

Finally, we will apply the base color, which will consist of a mixture of high quality acrylic coating along with a hardening solution. This will be in the shade you chose to match your bathroom design plan. After a little drying time, we will spray onto the base the texture coating which is the finish that give the countertops it’s natural stone-like appearance.

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