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Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is probably one of the most frequented. Whether you’re unwinding by soaking in a warm bath or taking a quick shower before heading to work, your bathroom fixtures get used often and become worn over time.

If it’s been many years since you’ve seen your bathtub, sinks, shower, and tile shine and replacement is on your mind, we urge you to reconsider!

Instead of opting for the costly, messy, and time-consuming process of replacing your bathtub, save thousands of dollars and loads of precious time with bathtub remodeling instead. Our professional Boston bathtub resurfacing services can have your bathroom fixtures looking like new in a matter of hours.

Refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing your bathtubs, shower surrounds, sinks, tile, and countertops is a quick and affordable way to restore your bathroom.

About Our Boston Bathtub Company

Would you trust your home makeover to anyone but a seasoned pro? Of course not. Which is why you’ll want to know that we established as a formal company in 2010 with a combined staff experience of 35 years. So you can feel confident knowing that, with us, you will receive superior bathtub work from highly practiced technicians. We are a locally-owned and independently operated Boston registered business, not an out-of-state corporate owned franchise, like Miracle Method.

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bathtub resurfacing boston

Boston Bathtub Resurfacing

Our Boston bathtub resurfacing processes include bathtub refinishing, tub reglazing, tub restoration and repair, reglazing bathroom tile, shower resurfacing, sink refinishing, chip and scratch repair, and other bathroom fixture restorations.

Before we refinish any aged bathroom fixtures, we assess the condition of the tub, sink, tiles, etc. in order to prepare a treatment plan. Once we have a good idea of the kind of remodeling treatment your fixture needs, we proceed with primary bonding, primers, and glazing applications. With us on the job, you’ll feel like you have a completely new bathtub!

Common materials we work with include:

● fiberglass

● porcelain

● acrylic

● cast iron

● ceramic

Bathtub Refinish Services

Have you been searching online for "bathtub refinishing near me"? Then you've come to the right place! Our bath remodeling company can help! We specialize in bathtub refinishing Boston, MA and believe that bathroom tub refinishing is an ideal solution for aged or damaged tubs. If your existing bathtub is stained, cracked, or has minor surface imperfections, bathtub remodeling is an affordable way to treat and refresh the look of the tub. The process includes sanding down the surface, filling cracks and holes, and applying primer and paint before buffing everything to a smooth finish. Our tub refinishing experts can restore an acrylic bathtub, fiberglass tub, porcelain bathtubs, and antique clawfoot and cast iron tubs.

bathtub refinishing boston
 bathtub reglazing boston

Bathtub Reglazing

The best way to repaint a bathtub is to first prepare it through bathtub reglazing. Bathroom tub reglazing involves sanding down the tub’s surface to the base layer, then building fresh layers to adhere to the old surface and the new finish. Professional reglazing gives the bathtub a polished surface that looks and feels brand new. Count on our Boston bathtub company to restore the coating on your tub like-new; it’s a far more affordable remodeling option.

Tile Reglazing

Reglazing bathroom tile is an efficient and affordable way to repair shower, floor, and backsplash tile. We can repair chips and cracks, fix surface blemishes, and restore your bathroom tile to like-new condition in Boston and surrounding suburbs.. The tile refinishing process will work on ceramic tiles, shower tiles, bath tiles, and even countertop tiles. If you would like to reglaze bathroom tiles in a new and different color, we can take care of that too. We only use commercial grade coatings and equipment to ensure a smooth, superior finish on your walls, floors or tops.

tile reglazing boston

Boston Bathtub Resurfacing Reviews

"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

  • Jackson Garey
shower refinishing boston

Shower Refinishing

In addition to refinishing tubs and bathroom tile repair, our Boston bathtub refinishers also manage fiberglass shower repair, shower refinishing, and shower tile reglazing. Over time and with much use, materials like fiberglass can dull in shine and color. Your shower may also have surface imperfections that make it look dated and worn. Fortunately, resurfacing tubs and showers is our speciality and our remodeling services will have your shower surround looking good as new.

Sink Refinishing

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are heavily used and yours may have received its fair share of dents, cracks, and mineral buildup as a result of all the washing work done in them. Surface issues like these can affect the quality of the sink, but you don’t have to buy a new one to fix the problem. We provide porcelain sink repair and tub and sink reglazing. Whether you need to refinish a kitchen sink or need bathroom sink resurfacing, we can clean, fix, and restore the entire sink without the hassle of replacement. If you would like to change the color from ivory to white or any other shade in our portfolio, we can make that happen too.

sink refinishing boston
countertop refinishing boston

Countertop Refinishing

Our skills aren’t limited to restoring your Boston bathtub. If your dated countertop doesn’t work with your updated room design like it used to, we have good news. At a fraction of the cost of replacing dated bathroom and kitchen countertops, you can have counters that look and feel just as new. Our countertop resurfacing services provide you with the solution to your worn out countertop problems. We can fix surface chips, cracks, and scratches before countertop reglazing and change retro pastel colors to more modern neutral shades. Remodeling your countertops is the smart, affordable alternative to full demolition and installation.

Bathtub Repair

Bathtub restoration and repair can make a deteriorated bathroom look like something out of a glossy home magazine. If your tub and shower has surface damage, like chips, scratches, cracks, and stains, our tub repair process is an excellent solution. After assessing the damage, we level out the tub’s surface, then refinish and reglaze until the tub looks shiny and smooth. We handle fiberglass tub repair, clawfoot tub restoration, acrylic tub repair, and ceramic tub repair.

bathtub repair boston

Commercial Resurfacing Services

commercial bathroom refinishing

Restaurant, Retail & Office Tub and Tile Work

Are your public restrooms showing signs of wear and tear? Our commercial bathroom refinishing can restore the sinks, tile and countertops in your restaurant, store or office building.

hotel bathroom refinishing

Hotel Tile & Bathtub Resurfacing

The newness and cleanliness of your hospitality bathrooms are essential to keep rooms booked. We refinish hotel tubs, tile, sinks, showers and countertops in resorts, motels, home rentals and B&Bs.

apartment bathroom refinishing

Apartment Refinishing Services

Attract high-paying renters and retain current tenants for far longer by refinishing apartment unit bathrooms to keep them fresh, clean and updated. We reglaze tubs, tops, showers, tile and sinks.

school gym bathroom refinishing

Fitness Center, Gym & School Bathrooms

When running a gym, fitness center or school, keeping the washrooms updated is essential, but you can save on the budget by resurfacing gym or school bathroom tile, showers and countertops.

Common Questions

Would Bathtub Refinishing Be Worth It?

Considering it’s only a few hundred dollars to refinish a tub, it’s a really smart investment as part of a home makeover. Compared to other property renovations, resurfacing is only a fraction of the cost, yet adds tremendous value to the property because it makes the bathroom look new. This is great for increasing the home value and making the bath highly attractive to future buyers.

Of course, it’s also appreciated by guests and people who bathe in the tub every day because every one wants the tub and shower to look new and clean when they are washing up in it.

Can I Refinish My Own Tub?

You can repaint your tub and tile, but a true refinishing isn’t something most homeowners can (or should) take on. Here a few reasons why this is a job best left in the hands of professionals:

Training & Experience: Practice makes perfect. The more we do something, the better at it we get. But, the first few times, it’s not usually smooth sailing. Well, it’s probably no surprise to you, that this holds true for bathroom refinishing as well. There is a lot of technique and skill required to properly and evenly refinish a bath fixture. If you want it to look spectacular, you’ll be better off letting a trained, practiced expert do it for you than taking it on yourself as a novice.

Products: The big box hardware stores do carry retail tub and tile painting kits, but these are nowhere near the quality and durability of commercial coating products, which is what we use. Professional refinishers only use high end, industrial-grade coatings that have been tested in the field and built to last. Homeowners don’t typically have access to these types of products because they are sold in bulk to contractors directly. If you want a long-lasting tub refinish, make sure that the applications are commercial grade.

Equipment: Several tools of the trade are required to properly refinish any bath fixture, such as a high quality ventilation mask, gentle wet sander and commercial paint sprayer. While it is possible to buy or rent this equipment, why would you bother? The cost of renting or buying would likely outweigh the cost of hiring the entire job out to our company anyhow.

Cost: Contrary to what many homeowners assume, it’s not less expensive to do the refinishing work yourself; especially if it’s being done right. The DIY tub kits are usually $100-$200 alone. Add onto that the equipment needed to fix the tub, prep the tub for bonding and then evenly apply the coating with a sprayer, and there is no longer much of a cost savings if any at all.

Time: For a highly trained and experienced refinishing contractor, a resurfacing job could be done in as little as half a day. For a novice, it might take one or more days. Because we simply are more practiced, we can be highly efficient at our work and get it done quickly without sacrificing quality. But for someone trying to reglaze a tub for the first time, it’s a big learning curve and will take much longer. The time you’ll spend trying to figure it out and do it right will not be worth it in the long haul.

How Long Does Bathroom Refinishing Last?

With normal use, most reglazed tubs, tile and showers can last 10 years or more before needing to be restored again. This assumes, of course, that the surfaces aren’t being excessively abused and that gentle cleansers are always used when cleaning.

Bathtub Refinishing vs. New Replacement: Should I Refinish or Replace?

When your tub, tile or shower starts to show wear, it’s only natural to assume you have to replace it. But did you know that most bathroom fixtures can be repaired and resurfaced for hundreds (even thousands) less than the cost of replacing them entirely?

This is why replacement is so costly:

  • Demolition: The first bill will come from your General Contractor who needs to remove the old tub, tile or shower and demo the area.
  • New Product: The cost of a tub can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to a several thousand, depending on the type of bathtub you’re buying.
  • Dumpster Rental: Tubs and showers can be huge piles of trash to deal with that won’t fit in a standard trash can. For this reason, a commercial dumpster will need to be rented to properly discard of the old fixture. That cost falls on the property owner, even if the contractor orders it.
  • Delivery: Delivering heavy tubs, tile and materials can get costly. It all adds up.
  • Renovation: Before a new tub, shower or tile can be installed, the area behind these fixtures needs to first be properly prepared. This can include activities like water proofing, mold prevention barriers etc. All this labor and expertise comes at a cost.
  • Installation: Once the tub, shower or tile arrives, you’ll need to pay labor to have your General Contractor to properly install it.

Would a Bathroom Remodeler Offer Fixture Resurfacing?

No, most General Contractors that offer bathroom remodeling do not have the training or equipment to reglaze tubs. These are two completely different home services. Remodeling usually involves carpentry, construction and installation related activities. General Contractors will usually handle the measuring, planning and subcontracting to plumbers and electricians; but they won’t handle the refinishing work themselves. Instead, they will call a specialist like us to oversee that part of the project. We get contacted by GCs regularly to refinish tubs in properties they are renovating.

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